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Our paths met whilst studying for our Masters in Furniture Design together at Central Saint Martins.

This process helped us to develop a strong connection and shared vision, which led us to collaborate straight away after graduation.

Our design group is formed of a trio from different working practices who collectively share a passion for design.

We bring our different practices, perspectives and influences from our native countries Mexico, Austria and the UK.

The Capti furniture collection is the first in this collaboration project. 

The collection values the repetition of both line and curve to generate simple forms, which are shaped into distinctive pieces of furniture. 

The works are visually inspired by the botanical elements of seed capsules and flowers.

This furniture collection aims to be aesthetically playful, combining both artistic value and utility.

The collection hybridises natural forms with functionality, creating designs that are sensorial and interactive, aiming to bring a small piece of nature into where we both live and work.

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