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The title of this exhibition ‘Observe Greatly’ explores both the value and practicing craft of looking within an often-overlooked day to day environment in which we experience. 


The works exhibited are based on found textures of place, which celebrate the joy found in repetition, detail, and arrangements. They represent themes around the specific material of wood using techniques of relief printing.


The printing process is used to drive curiosity, exploration, and playfulness in both the making and representations of place and material. Using inspiration from fallen trees, wood chippings and log stacks. The works celebrate and honour the unique characteristics of the wood material and their setting which are often discarded or temporary. This process informs and helps generate a design language that is informal and varied.


The printing process also dictates the visual interpretation of place, through a visual identity that is graphic and bold.


The wood types and their arrangements are discovered through woodland walks around Oxfordshire, and spending time in the workshop, they have become off cuts of an everyday environment.

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