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This a print collaboration between furniture designer & maker Anthony Dain and Love Your Plane.

Kumiko began as an art form in the 8th Century and remains an active form of carpentry in Japan today.

The process involves connecting wooden pieces together in intricate patterns, to create a complete panel without the use of glue or nails. 

This collaboration has used one of Dain's Kumiko panels to create a wood relief 2 colour print with letterpress type.

"A keen interest in how form, pattern and texture relate to one another and a fascination with the way the components of a whole fit together lie at the heart of my practice. By its very definition furniture is designed to serve a function, I hope my work goes beyond its basic role fulfilment and prompts the user to stop and look and perhaps question ‘how has he done that?’ or ‘why is this detail here?’.

"I take inspiration from a diverse range of practices and processes found in traditional British furniture making, American Shaker and Scandinavian design, more recently adding traditional Japanese joinery to the list."

"My work combines texture, pattern, material and shape, uniting craft and design in a celebration of both the material and the maker." Anthony Dain.

Edition: 10

Material: Ash

Paper: Fabriano Hot Pressed 190g white paper

Dimensions: 37 x 68 cm

Price: £120

Shipping: FREE UK Delivery 

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