Bus Stop Gallery Presents Daniel McNaboe

This is the first solo show for Daniel McNaboe, he has used the period between graduation and now to develop his skill and deepen his ideas to produce an interesting body of work. Many among his generation may be rushing to gain recognition, but For Danny, one of his attributes, is his patience to tackle big personal themes. His works are reflections on his family and friends, he draws close attention to them, perhaps asking whether they make up who he is.

His work defies the current trend towards simply expressing oneself, rather than rushing he uses time and skill to create his work. He has used the exhibition to showcase his fascination with his grandfather's story and the American side of his family history. Choosing to render objects and photos, scraps of memories from the past, and frame them and crystallise them with his paintings and drawings. 

His drawings depicting faded and familiar family scenes are the most engaging. He invites us to ponder the importance of family history and how this can be re-interpreted by a new generation.  


May 26, 2015 by Josh Rose
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